Many organizations advertise “Certified” inspectors.  But what does “Certified” mean?  There is only one organization whose Standards of Practice is recognized by the state of California: CREIA

Why is CREIA's Standard of Practice recognized by the state of CA?
Because CREIA requires a level of training, continuous background checks, and proven competence of its members by passing tests administered by third party companies (including the National Home Inspector Exam).  Don’t fall for the impersonators!  Ask for the Badge!  When you use a CREIA Certified inspector, you know they are truly “certified.”
CREIA has three levels of Certification. See the chart below to see why you should use a CREIA inspector.


  CREIA Certified Inspector CREIA Master Inspector (Level 1)
CREIA Master Inspector (Level 2)
Pass the National Home Inspector Exam (NHIE) x x x
Minimum of 30 hours Continuing Education Credits every year from approved level education providers x x x
Pass the CREIA Standards of Practice and Ethics Exam x x x
Adherent to an Ethics Committee for review of any Ethics Violations x x x
Complete ride-along's with CREIA "Master" Inspectors x x x
Participate in Group Inspections x x x
Submit 10 completed inspection reports to the CREIA expert report review committee to ensure certification standards x x x
Attend local Chapter meetings x x x
Required to carry General Liability Insurance and Errors & Omissions Insurance x x x
Recognized as the industry standard in California Law x x x
Pay yearly dues x x x
Pass a criminal background checks every 2 years x x x
Held the CREIA Certified designation for at least two years   x x
Earn and submit proof of completing at least a total of two hundred fifty (250) CREIA-approved Continuing Education Credits in addition to the 30 CEC per year requirement.   x x
Submit a signed affidavit indicating the completion of 1000 fee-paid inspections performed solely by the CCI applicant or a team lead by the CCI applicant and performed with other CREIA or AHSI certified inspectors.    x x
Pass a master level ride along review, as established by the Board, with a Master CREIA Inspector (MCI).    x x
Receive an ICC certification as a Residential Building Inspector B-1 OR as a Commercial Building Inspector B-2.   x x
Receive an ICC certification as a Residential Combination Inspector, or Combination Dwelling Inspector.     x