Membership Categories

Each member category is contingent on a set of requirements/prerequisites to attain the detailed member designation. Time spent to attain each designation depends entirely on the members involvement with CREIA. Members are required to document their Continuing Education Credit(s), toolboxes, Ride Alongs, tests/exams or any items of the type that is proof of activity towards membership and/or education. CREIA's Board of Directors or Staff may perform an audit at any time to show progress or completion. Upon a completion of a CCI or MCI member designation, the CREIA member will receive all membership benefits and a certification of that membership class (CCI, MCI).

Note: All individuals listed on "Find An Inspector" have at least completed the requirements to become a Certified CREIA Inspector (CCI). 


An individual (no company/corporate memberships permitted) person engaged in the business of real estate inspection who has made application and pay appropriate fees but has not yet passed the CREIA membership entrance exam or obtained the necessary Continuing Education Credits (CECs) to become a full Inspector member.

First year Associate membership is $495 (includes NHIE eBook study guide). Second year $449

Certified CREIA Inspector (CCI):

1) Be a Member in good standing; pass the CREIA Background Check; abide by the CREIA Code of Ethics and Standards or Practice.
2) Pass the National Home Inspector Examination (NHIE)
3) Successfully complete the CREIA Standards of Practice/Ethics Examination
4) Earn at least sixth (60) CREIA-approved Continuing Education Credits (CECs)
At least 20 of 60 units must be attained by CREIA-sponsored events.
5) Complete two Ride-Alongs with a CREIA Certified Trainer or MCI.
6) Participate in one Group SOP Compliant Inspection. 
7) The Associate shall submit ten (10) fee paid home inspection reports to be reviewed.


Certified CREIA Inspector (CCI) - Experienced Inspector Path:

1) Be a Member in good standing; pass the CREIA Background Check; abide by the CREIA Code of Ethics and Standards or Practice.
2) Pass the National Home Inspector Examination (NHIE)
3) Pass CREIA's Residential Standards of Practice and Ethics Exam(s)
4) Submit valid proof of having performed at least 250 fee paid home inspections.
5) Submit a list of the last 50 fee paid inspection reports to be reviewed.

*CCIs must complete 30 hours of continuing education and attend a minimum of two chapter meetings per year to retain certification.

CCI Dues are $449.

Master CREIA Inspector (MCI):

1) Have held the CCI membership in good standing for at least two consecutive years.

2) Receive an ICC certification as a Residential Combination Inspector, or Combination Dwelling Inspector.

3) Earn and submit proof of completing at least a total of two hundred fifty (250) CREIA-approved Continuing Education Credits in addition to the 30 CEC per year requirement.

4) Submit a signed affidavit indicating the completion of 1,000 fee-paid inspections performed. The applicant's records shall be subject to audit, as seen fit by the Board of Directors in accordance to the CREIA Standards of Practice.

5) Pass a master level ride along review, as established by the Board, with a Master CREIA Inspector (MCI).

*MCIs must complete 30 hours of continuing education and attend a minimum of two chapter meetings per year to retain certification.

MCI Dues are $449.

Retired CREIA Inspector: Please send a request for this category to [email protected]

1) Be a voting member of the Association for five or more continuous years.

*A voting member of 5 or more years has not let membership lapsed. Affiliates have no voting rights.

2) No longer offer or perform the service(s) of their membership category.

*Must have also retired your business.

3) Relinquish logo use privileges and referral rights from the Association.

* May not use any CREIA collateral including logos, contracts and advertisements.

4)Agree to periodic review by the Board to determine continued eligibility.

***Note: Retired Inspectors are to receive reduced membership fees as established by the Board, maintain the right to vote, and are not required to maintain CECs. Retired Inspectors are not to be listed in any membership referral system or directory.


A person or company/corporation engaged in a business related to the real estate inspection profession, or a person or company who supplies products and/or business services to the real estate inspection profession. Affiliates have no voting, referral or logo use privileges but do receive membership discounts for advertising, mailing labels and exhibition space at CREIA conferences.

Click here for additional information regarding the Affiliate program.

Standard Affiliate dues: $425.
Educational Affiliate dues: $850
Premier Affiliate dues: $1,000.


A voting member who becomes physically or financially unable to maintain a voting membership in CREIA and is no longer performing real estate inspections can request in writing, designation as an Inactive Member of CREIA. The Board reserves the right to review and approve all perspective applicants seeking this designation and to review any current members holding this membership to determine continued eligibility. Reduced dues established by the Board will apply to the Inactive Member designation. No CECs will be required for Inactive Members. Inactive Members forfeit all voting and CREIA Logo use rights. Any member performing a real estate inspection while in this status will be expelled from CREIA. To return to previous voting membership status, an Inactive Member must bring their membership dues back to current voting membership status and meet all other requirements of their previous voting membership category, including CEC requirement.

Dues are $125.

CREIA New Construction Specialist (CNCS): 

The CNCS designation is a title that is no longer available and has been discontinued by vote by the Board of Directors. CREIA members who have earned the CNCS designation in the past, may continue to use it on their advertising and promotional materials. CNCS designation was once awarded to members who have passed the ICC Certification exams as a Residential Combination Inspector, California Residential Combination Inspector OR Combination Dwelling Inspector.

Tax Deductions

CREIA (EIN # 94-3015920) is 501(c)(6), non-profit organization. Contributions to section 501(c)(6) organizations are not deductible as charitable contributions on your federal income tax return. They may be deductible as trade or business expenses if ordinary and necessary in the conduct of the your business. Please consult your tax professional. California Real Estate Inspection Association estimates that your dues which are allocated to lobbying expenses are 15% for the year. 

Dues are non-refundable and non-transferrable.