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Posted January 27, 2020

AB-1024 Home Inspector Licensure Act
At the Assembly Business and Professions Committee hearing, the California Building Industry Association (CBIA) spoke in favor of the amended to the bill.

The link to video of the hearing is:

Posted April 24, 2019

Garage Doors (California SB 969)
This bill, beginning July 1, 2019, requires an automatic garage door opener that is manufactured for sale, sold, offered for sale, or installed in a residence to have a battery backup function that is designed to operate when activated because of an electrical outage.

Click here for information regarding the Bill

Posted February 21, 2018


Click here for information regarding the Pool Safety Act: Relevant Information for the Home Inspector

The intent of the information published under the above link is to arrange in one location information regarding the new Pool Safety Act. The information has been drawn from various sources. It is not intended to be comprehensive or a substitute for legal advice.

Posted February 2, 2018

Tracking Notification Update:

AB-717: Home inspectors.
On 31-JAN-18 the following history action was applied:
"Died pursuant to Art. IV, Sec. 10(a) of the Constitution."

In other words, licensing of home inspectors is officially dead for this legislative session.


Posted January 9, 2018 and updated February 21, 2018

The California Home Inspectors Legislation Action Coalition (CHILAC).

Due to the heavy legislative season and the likelihood of the same continuing, the California Home Inspectors Legislative Action Coalition (previously the California Coalition of Home Inspectors) has been created. The purpose of the the Coalition (aka CHILAC) is to build consensus among home inspectors in California with regard to legislation.

California Home Inspection Legislation Action Coalition – CHILAC


The California Home Inspection Legislation Action Coalition is formed to:

  1. To gain insight into the challenges faced by California’s home inspection community in the face of Legislation.
  2. To facilitate dissemination of Legislation information to the California home inspection community.
  3. To pool resources in order to defray the cost in monitoring and developing of Legislation.


The membership of the California Home Inspection Legislation Action Coalition shall consist of:

  1. Members in good standing of the California Real Estate Inspection Association - CREIA
  2. California individuals home inspectors in good standing who contribute to CHILAC
  3. California chapters of approved associations who contribute to CHILAC


The Steering Committee Chairman shall be appointed by the CREIA Chairman of the Board of Directors.  The Chairman of the Steering Committee serves at the pleasure of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of CREIA.  The Steering Committee Chairman shall be a member in good standing of CREIA.  The term of service shall be for one calendar year.  The term of service may be extended for subsequent one year terms subject to the approval of the CREIA Chairman of the Board of Directors.  In appointing the Chairman of the Steering Committee, the CREIA Chairman of the Board shall give due consideration to input from the membership of CHILAC.

The Chairman of the Steering Committee shall appoint eligible members to the Steering Committee.  The membership of the Steering Committee shall consist of five members including the Chairman.  The membership shall reflect a wide spectrum of California Home Inspectors.  Inactive members of the Steering Committee shall be replaced at the discretion of the Chairman of the Committee.

The Steering Committee members shall solicitate information from their constituents.  In like manner they shall also be responsible to disseminate information to their respective constituents. 

Members of the Steering Committee serve on a voluntary basis.


The Steering Committee shall be responsible for developing methods and campaigns for raising funds for ongoing Legislative expenses.

All monies shall be deposited into the CHILAC line item of CREIA account.  Funds shall be disbursed at the direction of the Steering Committee and approved by the Treasurer of CREIA.

Should CHILAC disband any remaining funds shall be held by CREIA for any future California specific Legislative needs.


At the sole discretion of the CREIA Board of Directors, a Legislative Advocate shall be retained provide advice, assist in legislation monitoring, scheduling meetings with members of the legislature and various shareholders as well as assist in Legislative efforts related to the home inspection industry specifically and the real estate industry in general.

The Legislative Advocate shall be retained by CREIA and serve at the pleasure of CREIA.  The Legislative Advocate may on occasion interact with CHILAC as deemed necessary.

The Chairman of the CREIA Legislative Committee shall disseminate legislative information to the Steering Committee in the form of legislative updates and other relative information.


Most exchange of information, for convenience, will be accomplished by email or Go-To-Meeting type interaction.  An annual meeting of the CHILAC membership will be held annually at a CREIA Conference.

Donations can be made via:

Check: Checks are to be payable to CREIA and mailed to 320 Pine Avenue, Suite 1050, Long Beach, CA 90802. Please indicate the contribution is for CHILAC.

Credit card: Credit card payment can be made online by pressing the button below.


Posted January 8, 2018

CREIA Standards of Practice Revised

 Please note that due to the passing of SB 442, the Pool Safety Act, the CREIA Standards of Practice have been revised. Please click here to view the revised CREIA Standards of Practice. The CREIA Residential Contract and the Pool/Spa Addendum are updated and posted in the CREIA Member Center (landing page upon logging in with your username and password).

2017 Year End Report: Please click here to view the report. alt