Hurricane Harvey | Source CNNTexas and Louisiana are beginning a very long recovery from the catastrophic flooding resulting from Hurricane Harvey.

We want to thank Scott Swickard, CCI and other CREIA members who have already gone to assist in this effort - and we would like to know who you are, so please reply if you're Texas/Louisiana bound.

We also want to send this message from Vanguard Emergency Management (VEM) to inspectors who are not already associated with VEM, but who have interest:

If you are interested in becoming housing inspectors through VEM, you can assist with the team's response to Hurricane Harvey. Vanguard Emergency Management (VEM), a CREIA partner and affiliate, is working on this response with FEMA. FEMA asks CREIA members to register in the VEM portal as inspectors as soon as possible and preferably within the next 24 hours.

You can access the VEM inspector portal link through the VEM website:

Select "Become an Inspector." Please read this page and especially pay attention to the box at the bottom of the page that starts with:  "Ready to Get Started." You will need to start the Registration by selecting/clicking on the "Inspector Portal" link (the text is in another color, so just click those two words).

Once you have completed the registration, you can log in to the portal and add the CREIA referral code: "CREIA" (this step enables us to identify the CREIA inspectors).

To complete this step please follow quick instructions below:

Registrant needs to:

1. Log into the portal using username and password created during the registration process
2. Click on My Profile
3. Then Click on Additional Info
4. Within the Additional Info screen, there is a drop down for Referred by
5. In the Referred by Drop Down, select CREIA

Thank you!


Ken Collins, CCI
Chairman of the Board

Michele Hyson
Executive Director


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